• 1988 - Medalla "Alejo Carpentier"

    Juan Formell received the medal "Alejo Carpentier" granted to Cubans and extrajeros citizens in recognition of outstanding merits achieved and the work done in the enrichment of the national culture.
  • - Placa de reconocimiento de la ciudad de Quito, Ecuador

  • 1990 - Diploma del Primer Festival internacional del Son

    The orchestra receives Diploma of the First International Festival of Son.
  • 1994 - Trofeo del Festival de Orquestas de Salsa

    Trophy Salsa Orchestra Festival Carnival of Barranquilla, Colombia.
  • - Disco de Oro "25 años de Juan Formell y Los Van Van"

    Receives Gold Record with the album "25 years of Juan Formell y Los Van Van".
  • - Tres discos de platino "Lo Último en vivo"

    They receive triple platinum album with "The Last Live".
  • 1995 - Dos discos de platino "Ay Dios Ampárame"

    Two platinum receive the album "Oh God ampárame"
  • 1997 - Premio especial de Variedades sin competencia

    Awarded by the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York
  • - Placa de reconocimiento

    Plate recognition of the Cuban community in Los Angeles, California.
  • - Placa de homenaje del pueblo de Puerto Rico

    The orchestra receives in 1997 the Board of homage of the people of Puerto Rico.
  • 2000 - "Premio Grammy"

    The album is Van Van Van Van came here or receives the "Grammy Award" for best salsa album recorded by soloists, duos and vocal and instrumental groups.
  • 2002 - Orden Félix Varela de Primer Grado

    By agreement of the State Council "taking into account his long and distinguished career, the contributions made in the field of music, the constant struggle for the defense of cultural values of our nation and for his work highly creative to enjoy our people, which has contributed to the enrichment of our national culture. "
  • 2003 - Premio Nacional de Música

    Cubans, living and resident musicians in Cuba is granted by the set of his work in the fields of creation and interpretation.
  • 2008 - "Premio Mundial Especial de la Musica"

    Composer, arranger and director of the Cuban band Los Van Van, Juan Formell, exhibits today one of the three World Special Prizes awarded by the jury of the World Entertainment Organization (WEO).
  • 2010 - Llave de Cárdenas

    Juan Formell received the Key to the City of Cardenas, one of the official symbols awarded by the Assembly of People's Power in the municipality of the province of Matanzas illustrious visitors.
  • 2012 - Premio "Gitana Tropical"

    The "Gitana Tropical" award, the highest honor awarded by the Provincial Directorate of Culture of the capital was given to Maestro Juan Formell. This award is given every year by the cultural authorities of the Cuban capital to those artists who have contributed significantly to the development of the art manner.
  • 2013 - Juan Formell Grammy a la Excelencia Musical 2013

    Grammy Award for Musical Excellence is awarded by vote of the Board of the Latin Academy of Recording artists who have made "creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording during their careers."
  • - Juan Formell y Los Van Van, Premio WOMEX al Artista 2013

    WOMEX Awards have been awarded since 1999 to outstanding figures of international music in recognition of musical excellence, social, commercial success, the political impact and trajectory of such projects, broken down into three categories: Womex Award for Artists, Prize Womex Professional Excellence Label and Womex Award.